• VR & AR

    Calming and entertainment-based solutions to relax patients

Ground-breaking initiatives in the Healthcare & Aged-care sector

What is VR? Virtual Reality – or VR for short – is a newer technology that allows people to immerse themselves into a simulated yet strikingly realistic environment. Just as in the real world, a person immersed into a VR experience can move around, discover, and explore the world around them. Unlike viewing a flat-screen or projection in a room, the VR-headset experience allows users to interact within a 3D world. It seems real because it feels real. Using purpose-designed headsets, the user is free to explore far-away and otherwise inaccessible places – all from the comfort of his or her own chair. And – it’s safe. Climb Mount Everest or traverse the glaciers of Antarctica – all without leaving the room.

Healthcare & Aged-care solutions in this space are particularly important and PRA embraces its social responsibility in this area. With a focus on care, comfort and the unique and special needs of patients, PRA offers a range of solutions. This ties in especially well to PRA’s experience in the healthcare sector, with offerings around virtual reality experiences, comfort and wellbeing, and opportunities to improve cognitive abilities.

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