What is Mobile Device Managment?

What is Mobile Device Managment? Installing, maintaining and managing multiple devices across numerous locations is easier than you think, with our managed service. When you roll out mobile devices across your organisation, it’s a big investment and your ability to monitor and manage them remotely, is a vital part of achieving the rewards of mobile technology. PRA Technology Solutions Mobile Device Management service gives you peace of mind knowing your devices are meeting the outcomes for service delivery, staff performance and data security. With our help, you have a range of support options, from ongoing mobile device management to set-up support or inhouse training. Our philosophy is to provide you with a tailored level of support that enables you to manage your devices with maximum independence.

MDM (Mobile Device Management)

With MDM you can wirelessly deploy apps and books, configure Home screen layouts, filter web access, schedule overnight software updates, find misplaced devices and manage dozens of other settings. PRA Technology Solutions provide a range of custom MDM solutions to managing school devices. Apple School Manager brings VPP and DEP in to one easy to use portal, allowing ICT administrators to manage people, devices and content.  You can then assign school devices to your MDM server so they are automatically enrolled and configured. Jamf Pro is designed to automate device management for you while driving end-user productivity and creativity, Jamf Pro is the Enterprise Mobility Management tool that empowers IT pros and the users they support by delivering on the promise of unified endpoint management for Apple devices.

WiFi Networking Capability

PRA Technology Solutions understand that ICT infrastructure is changing dramatically, with the advances in cloud services, wireless technology and bring-your-own devices. With today’s mobile technology, any number of laptops, tablets or smart phones are using your network. Proactive organisations are looking for professional help to establishing a robust wireless network that can support the growing needs of their evolving environment We may sure all our engineers are up to date with latest wireless network technology and are Utopia’s Certified Network Wireless Professionals and Ekahau Certified Survey Engineers, utilising tools such as the Ekahau Sidekick and Ekahau Site Survey Pro to conduct our surveys. We invest heavily in ongoing training and professional development for our wireless engineers and we have a broad range of familiarity across many vendors.  Our focus is on designing an effective solution for you, regardless of your vendor choice, that meets your requirements, is robust, and high performing.  Put simply, we do wireless right.

We offer a wireless audit, which consists of:

  • A heatmap of your school’s wireless solution as it currently stands.
  • Survey report highlighting Areas of concern, due to elements such as:
  • Co-Channel Interference
  • Adjacent Channel Interference
  • Interference
  • Low signal to noise ratios
  • Low real-world data transfer
  • Other network capacity & performance issues

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