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Established about 30 years ago, PRA Technology Solutions was founded as a leading provider of high-quality photographic and imaging solutions. 

Today, PRA continues to support and promote the high-calibre photographic solutions – its legacy – but it also provides an equally impressive list of other technological solutions.  PRA provides solutions around infrastructure, audio-visuals, multimedia, and other leading, new technologies.

A range of solutions. Industry expertise.
PRA provides an impressive range of leading technologies and solutions:

  • Virtual-Reality & Augmented-Reality (VR/AR) 
  • Photography / Media
  • Interactive Displays
  • STEM Learning
  • IT Hardware
  • IT Software
  • IT Servicing

PRA is a well-established company, with a long and successful history in a range of industries, with an especially keen focus on Education.  Strong, ongoing and well-established relationships with decision-makers and influencers ensures that its clients continue to benefit from PRA’s experience.

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