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    Inspirational Communication and Collaboration

PRA’s range of interactive flat panels & smart tv's are proving to be exceptionally popular in corporate environments.

In our fast-paced world of data sharing, collaborative workspaces and real-time analysis, the need for effective use of technology is imperative for productive outcomes. PRA Technology Solutions provide a range of Interactive Flat Panels & Smart TV’s offering best-in-class tools for corporate environments including effective note taking, idea-sharing, wireless presentation and much more. From implementation to education & training PRA can facilitate all your requirements in regards to Interactive Flat Panels & Smart TV’s

The newer range of interactive flat panels are exceptionally bright, with super sharp and crisp screens, and they offer functionality and connectivity that’s a joy to use.
Our preferred models provide

  • EZWrite for Smart Annotation and Collaboration
  • Share and Collaborate with EZWrite 5.0’s Cloud Whiteboard and InstaQShare
  • Account Management System (AMS) for Personalized File Management
  • Built-in with Air Quality Sensor, Smart Eye-Care solution, Germ-Resistant Screen

All these tools and features are provided out-of-the-box.  Of course, if desired, it’s easy to also permanently connect dedicated PC equipment directly to the display.

We offer real, 5-year commercial warranties and provide the support that’s needed to keep your school or business running smoothly.

To complement the high-quality display offerings, PRA provides a range of training programs to bring educators and corporate staff up to speed on the most effective use of these state-of-the-art products.  Training can be provided to groups of all sizes – including focused, small-group training for those users preferring a close, personalized approach.

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